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Eurocontrol Explains Why 5G Radio Altimeter Interference is Lower in Europe Than US

The latest edition of Eurocontrol’s “Think Paper” series concludes that the risk of 5G C-band wireless network deployment in Europe having an impact on aircraft radio altimeter (RADALT) performance in … ( read original story …)

European Union Citizens Won’t Face Mobile Roaming Fees Until At Least 2032

Citizens of European Union countries can keep avoiding mobile roaming fees when using their devices across borders within the bloc, after … ( read original story …)

European Union extends free roaming regulation for another 10 years

European lawmakers extended free roaming until at least 2032. This means that European citizens remain free of additional mobile internet fees when … ( read original story …)

EU residents will enjoy free mobile roaming for another decade

European Union lawmakers came together in early 2017 to put an end to mobile roaming fee headaches for individuals traveling within across Europe. This meant that calls, texts, and data subject to … ( read original story …)

EU ‘roam like at home’ extended with added benefits

The EU “roam like at home” scheme has been updated bringing added benefits for consumers and businesses, and guaranteed freedom for at least 10 more … ( read original story …)

OneWeb Demos 5G Links Between LEO, GEO Sats And Ground Terminal

OneWeb, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and UK Space Agency, says it demonstrated a 5G link between low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, a geostationary (GEO) satellite and a mobile … ( read original story …)

The EU extends its ‘Roam-like-at-home’ mobile service rule through 2032

The European Commission announced Thursday that it is extending its popular “roam like at home” rule through 2032. ( read original story …)

Eurocontrol urges action on radio spectrums after 5G row in the US

Eurocontrol urges action to avoid interference of radio channels used by aviation after problems caused by 5G in the US … ( read original story …)

Improved EU roaming regulation kicks off 1 July

On 1 July, updated EU-wide regulation regarding mobile roaming and services will be extended for another ten years. ( read original story …)

European Union keeps mobile roaming fees at bay for another decade

Five years ago, the European Union passed rules which largely ended mobile roaming fees for citizens traveling with their devices across borders within the bloc. Today lawmakers are reupping the … ( read original story …)

Eurocontrol lays out spectrum-efficiency strategies in wake of ‘5G’ concerns

Pan-European air navigation organisation Eurocontrol has outlined three strategies to improve efficient use of electromagnetic spectrum as it ponders whether increasing spectrum demand from the mobile … ( read original story …)

INWIT, Vodafone & TIM win €346 govt contract for rural 5G

Infratel, an agency within Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, announced that it would launch two major tenders, one aimed at deploying 5G sites in 2,000 underserved areas of the country, the … ( read original story …)

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