Huawei unveils 5G mobile bearer solution

In addition, X-Haul supports evolution between 4G and 5G bearer networks by introducing 50 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) technology at the access layer, which Huawei said allows a smooth upgrade to 100GE in the future. At the aggregation and core layers ... ( read original story ...)

San Marino will be Europe’s first 5G nation

One of Europe's smallest countries has revealed plans to be the first in the world to feature nation-wide 5G network coverage. The republic of San Marino, sandwiched between France and Italy, has announced plans to launch superfast next-generation networks ... ( read original story ...)

Nokia Starts Building Next-Gen 5G PaaS With IT Firms

Nokia’s research and scientific development arm has announced that it will collaborate with a group of IT companies and academic institutions in Europe to kick off the development of the next-generation 5G platform-as-a-service, a major leap from the ... ( read original story ...)