Europe gets closer to 5G spectrum harmonization

The Electronic Communications Committee has approved a set of recommendations to harmonize the 3.4-3.8 GHz and 26 GHz bands for 5G. As is generally the way with European bureaucracies, the ECC is just one component of a broader organizational Russian doll. ( read original story ...)

China surges ahead in 5G, while the US lags behind

Mobile Experts, 2018 Outside of China, sub-6 GHz deployment is likely at large scale in areas including Japan, Korea, and northern Europe. — Mobile Experts, 2018 China is experiencing a surge in 5G, while the US does not yet have spectrum available ... ( read original story ...)

UK backs six new 5G testbeds in £25m spree

using 5G, Wi-Fi and mmWave to connect headsets. [Read more: Video: Europe keen to avoid 5G fragmentation, says Orange Head of Innovation] Worcestershire 5G Consortium comprises organisations including BT, O2 and Huawei and will see how robotics ... ( read original story ...)

5G vs Gigabit LTE: the differences explained

The technology still offers major speed boosts to consumers and there’s still plenty of growth left in a lot of the world’s LTE networks. Just look at the data collected for some of the world’s fastest countries versus the U.S., much of Europe ... ( read original story ...)