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The true state of Australia’s 5G networks 2021 – Opensignal

Opensignals latest report shows the true state of Australia’s 5G networks 2021. Its not pretty with Australia failing to rank for coverage. ( read original story …)

Australia Telecoms Industry 2021-2026: Mobile Subscribers Continue to Grow

The “Australia Telecoms Industry Report – 2021-2026” report has been added to’s offering. Globally, the telecommunications sector is proving to be a core and essential … ( read original story …)

Cambium Networks 60 GHz cnWave Technology Enables Pentanet to Rapidly Build a Multi-Gigabit Fixed Wireless Network Serving Perth, Australia

Cambium Networks 60 GHz cnWave Technology Enables Pentanet to Rapidly Build a Multi-Gigabit Fixed Wireless Network Serving Perth, Australia. ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., Sept. 19, 2021 … ( read original story …)

How a submarine deal sparked a major diplomatic crisis

Australia’s move to ditch a submarine deal has spiralled into an unprecedented diplomatic row between Western allies. ( read original story …)

France’s exit from NATO?

This would imply the need for “European military and technological sovereignty” that would pivot on the “Force de Frappe “French nuclear, the European sixth-generation fighter in which Airbus and … ( read original story …)

Australia May Reject China’s TPP Proposal Amid Sinking Relations Over AUKUS

Australia has hinted that it may decline to be a part of China’s TPP unless China revokes “additional” tariffs imposed on goods imported from the continent. ( read original story …)

Australia may reject China’s Trans-Pacific Partnership proposal

Canberra on Friday gave hints that it will not accept the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) proposal from China unless Beijing removes ‘additional’ tariffs imposed on imports from Australia. ( read original story …)

Why Did Australia Not Consider French Nuclear Submarines?

In announcing a security partnership with the U.S and the U.K that will lead Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines (NPS), Canberra has overlooked the possibility of buying NPS from France. ( read original story …)

Telstra’s new T25 strategy to boost 5G coverage in Australia

Australian service provider Telstra has unveiled its T25 strategy that focuses on facilitating 5G coverage across Australia, as well as enhancing its customer service. The T25 strategy is likely to … ( read original story …)

TCL 20L+ vs Vivo Y52 5G: Buying a phone for under AU$400

Neither of these phones will win any spec sheet battles, but when looking at them, just keep whispering ‘under AU$400’ to yourself. ( read original story …)

Telstra aims to extend 5G coverage to 95% of Australia by 2025

Australian telecom Telstra outlined a plan on Thursday, under which it aims to extend 5G coverage to 95% of the country by the end of 2025 and cut A$500 million ($366.85 million) in net costs. The … ( read original… Continue Reading →

How U.S., UK and Australia plan to counter China’s rise through strategic partnership

Wednesday evening at the White House, President Joe Biden — joined by the prime ministers of the United Kingdom and Australia — announced a new partnership in the Indo-Pacific region, including an … ( read original story …)

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