Kyocera Cadence LTE

The Cadence LTE, like the Exalt LTE, is a 4G-only phone. Verizon has stopped investing in expanding its 3G network, so no one should be buying 3G-only phones on Verizon any more; while the old network will stay live until 2020, all of the improved coverage ... ( read original story ...)

Lifeguard Drone Rescues Two Swimmers In Australia

Geek Deals Roundup: $150 Off 128GB iPad Pro 4G, $15 Fast Qi Wireless Cha... Geek Deals Roundup: Start Coding with a $50 Raspberry Pi Sensor STEM Kit... Lifeguards in Australia pulled off a heroic rescue this week, but it wasn’t the Baywatch-style ... ( read original story ...)

LTE traffic volumes to soar in 2018

The research shows growth in the number of MVNOs and tier three / four operators introducing LTE roaming services in the region, following in the footsteps of major players who launched similar offerings in previous years. The report predicts that Africa ... ( read original story ...)

Nokia 3310 3G – a dumb phone for old farts

Nokia released the 3310, 3G phone in Australia a few months ago and by all reports, it is selling very well to a very specific audience – those that don’t want a smartphone. Apologies to Nokia for the use of the term ‘dumb’ but this is a big ... ( read original story ...)