Qualcomm Passes European Regulator Probing NXP Deal

The European Commission, which sets competition policy within the 28-country bloc, said that it worried Qualcomm would bundle its standard 3G and 4G patents with NXP’s near field communications technology for smartphones. That would allow it to charge ... ( read original story ...)

T-Mobile Europe’s inaugural 5G drone flight

With Europe’s inaugural 5G drone flight, T-Mobile is demonstrating with technology partner Huawei that next-generation mobile communication is fast enough to control a drone in real time, and also transmit a high-resolution camera image of the drone. ( read original story ...)

Orange gets all giddy with new European 5G trial sites

Orange has announced it is starting to bounce with excitement over the prospect of 5G, opening up a few new test sites across Europe. With new sites in Linas-Montlhéry, Lille and Douai, as well as Romania, the Orange team are shifting through the gears. ( read original story ...)