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Building A Wind Power Generator In Your Backyard

For many environmental enthusiasts, horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWTs) — the kind that look like windmills slowly spinning in the distance — are a pretty familiar sight. Unfortunately … ( read original story …)

SpaceX Is Testing Out Starlink Internet in Antartica Using Space Lasers

Starlink has made its way to the southernmost continent, beaming down broadband internet to a research center in Antartica. McMurdo Station, a research outpost run by the U.S. Antarctic Program … ( read original story …)

Fact check: No truth to claims about secret cities under Antarctica

Some social media users are claiming there are secret cities underneath Antarctica, and a handful contend that Russia is involved. A Sept. 8 Facebook post, which garnered more than 200 shares … ( read original story …)

Starlink arrives in Antarctica

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service has finally arrived at McMurdo Station on the coast of Antarctica, meaning it is now available — at least potentially — on all seven continents. ( read original story …)

SpaceX Starlink internet service now available in Antarctica

The McMurdo Station at Antartica has nearly 1,000 people living and working there during the summer and they already have satellite internet which is not reliable in rough conditions. There is … ( read original story …)

Starlink is even in Antarctica now

After its race with OneWeb to cover the North Pole and other Arctic areas with satellite internet, SpaceX has made it to the other extreme: the National Science Foundation (or NSF) is testing out one … ( read original story… Continue Reading →

Requirements for visiting Antarctica, according to the Foreign Office

This guide sets out who has to apply for a permit, how to apply and explains the other rules covering travel to Antarctica. The Antarctic Treaty signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 preserves … ( read original story …)

SatixFy Poised to Enable Direct-to-Cell 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks

SatixFy Communications Ltd. (“SatixFy”), a leader in next-generation satellite communication systems based on in-house developed chipsets, ahead of the 73 rd International Astronautical Congress 2022, … ( read original story …)

Antarctica’s melting ‘Doomsday glacier’ could raise sea levels by 10 feet, scientists say

The loss of the Thwaites glacier could destabilize western Antarctica. One of Antarctica’s most important glaciers is holding on “by its fingernails” as warming temperatures around the globe … ( read original story …)

Winity bringing 4G & 5G to rural Brazil with Amdocs

Brazilian newcomer Winity Telecom has signed a six-year deal with Amdocs to support its deployment of 4G and 5G networks across remote rural areas of Brazil. ( read original story …)

Study: Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ could retreat faster than expected

Over the past decade, scientists studying sea level rise have turned their attention to western Antarctica, where one of the world’s largest glaciers has dumped over a trillion tons of ice into … ( read original story …)

‘I Traveled 356 Miles Across Antarctica, This Is What I Saw’

This issue had been brought to my attention by an acquaintance in the FBI. I completed the final race, in Antarctica, in December, 2021. We raced 356 miles across the continent from our base in … ( read original story… Continue Reading →

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