Athletes Go Live To Gain Attention

In contrast to static social media posts, live video streams require Wi-Fi or a 4G connection on your mobile phone ... Davenport’s handful of posts in Antarctica cost thousands of dollars, and Richards’ sessions on Everest totaled $23,000—all ... ( read original story ...)

India Dismisses US-based Report on Deaths Due to Bad Air

However, there are challenges to starting 5G commercial operations in 2020. Aerial video reveals massive crack in Antarctic ice shelf However, it is also possible that this iceberg calving will leave Larsen C in an unstable configuration. Icebergs calving ... ( read original story ...)

Global Internet to Keep Us Connected Everywhere

Scientists do it with much larger balloons, expanding to the size of a football field, above Antarctica to launch telescopes ... directly to their LTE phones.” Check out this video to learn more about the technical bits: Google doubled-down on global ... ( read original story ...)

Telefonica Launches 4G LTE In Antarctica

[Via Satellite 01-18-2017] Telefonica Moviles Argentina (Movistar) has launched Antarctica’s first 4G LTE mobile network. At Marambio Base, a permanent Argentine research facility in Antarctic territory, the most remote region on the planet, the only ... ( read original story ...)