10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

YOUR MISSION, IN A GRIM NEW WORLD In 2063, vast ice shelves in western Antarctica broke free ... It also counts how much LTE, 4G or 3G cellular data you used. Note: No account to sign up. No Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linked account password to provide. ( read original story ...)

Your Opinion: Probe fake climate data

Tuesday I opened the paper and right on cue there it was a LTE on Climate Change ... changes in droughts in 60 years and storms aren't any worse. The ice sheet in Antarctica isn't going to "fall" into the ocean because it's already in the ocean and ... ( read original story ...)

Lisa Blair's blog – past Point Nemo

Keeping up with the milestones I have also passed 120 W today which would see me pass gate 6 of the Antarctica Cup Race Track were I racing ... Aside from the B&G 4G radar that I have on board for spotting icebergs I am also using the sea temperature. ( read original story ...)