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During last week's marches, many adult scientists—including some doing research in Antarctica—tweeted their support ... auction part of the electromagnetic spectrum to carry future, 5G wireless ... ( read original story ...)

Brexit, Brunei, Frogs: Your Friday Briefing

This heightened scrutiny runs in tandem with the administration’s campaign to block Huawei from building next-generation 5G networks around the world ... Two rifts on the Brunt Ice Shelf, in West ... ( read original story ...)

Virtual reality goes huge at CES 2017

A scene from the VR game 'Edge of Nowhere,' by Insomniac Games, about a shipwrecked expedition crew trekking across the mountains of Antarctica, complete with ... weighs in on the long-awaited arrival ... ( read original story ...)

Is Ambev Stock Due for a Strong Comeback?

merged with Antarctica of Argentina. The merger was led by dealmakers Jorge Lemann, Marcel Telles, and Carlos Sicupira, the operators of private equity powerhouse 3G Capital. They have since been ... ( read original story ...)