View from Washington: Policies? You want policies?

Important words did not make the final version - ‘fake’, ‘news’, ‘Antarctica’, ‘engineering’ and ... Still much of the output still seems anaemic or wrongheaded. Yesterday’s 5G leak fits the same pattern. In short, even when Trump ... ( read original story ...)

Speedcast to provide IT comms to drilling giant Noble

Speedcast will use a combination of very small aperture terminals (VSAT) and 4G/LTE for the end-to-end managed communication ... the Department of the Environment and Energy’s Australian Antarctic Division to provide satellite services connecting its ... ( read original story ...)

Flat Earth Is the Ultimate Conspiracy

Part of the project includes a $1.4 million exploration mission to send a crew of flat earthers to the ice wall, the edge of the world—otherwise known as Antarctica ... chemtrails and waves of weaponized 5G waves in the parking lot, Watsun Atkinsun ... ( read original story ...)