Samsung prepares for 5G push with RFIC launch

The company plans to make key announcments around 5G at Mobile World Congress next week. In November, Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America said 5G had “tremendous” potential: “We’re starting trials in 2017. ( read original story ...)

3GPP unveils logo for ultra-high speed 5G technology

According to an Ericsson Mobility report, 5G subscriptions globally will reach half a billion in 2022 and 25 per cent of all subscriptions will be in North America. The next-generation Internet technology for consumers would mean ultra high data speeds ... ( read original story ...)

Popeyes's Eye-Popping Deal

While 3G's famed drastic cost-cutting strategy has been enhancing ... but sales still skew heavily toward North America). It will be much easier to bring the fast-food chicken concept to more international markets than a coffee shop named for a hockey ... ( read original story ...)