Nokia expects 4G to pick up this year

Former maker of rubber wear Nokia claims that demand for higher speed 4G network equipment is starting to recover ... it spotted growth opportunities in markets such as North America, India and Japan. "We believe that the (overall) primary market in ... ( read original story ...)

Nokia sees growth opportunities in networks market

Nokia spots grwoth oppourtunity in international markets, including India, North America and Japan. Nokia sees demand for higher speed 4G network equipment starting to recover this year, led by Japan, the company's chief executive Rajeev Suri said on ... ( read original story ...)

Verizon, Ericsson start 5G network trial in the US

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, there will be 550 million 5G subscriptions globally in 2022 with North America leading the way with 25 percent of all mobile subscriptions forecast to be 5G. ”Ericsson 5G radios have been providing multi ... ( read original story ...)