ATF: Asia, the promised land

Asia Pacific shows strength through innovative ventures and emerging ... It accounted for 40% of worldwide 3G and 4G subscriptions last year. In 2021 its share will have increased to 52%. 3G is growing much faster than fixed broadband in the region ... ( read original story ...)

Ericsson showcases nearly 1000x faster 5G networks

“The demonstration using Ericsson’s 5G test bed delivers a throughput of 5.7Gbps and ultra-low latency of 3 millisecond,” it said in a statement. Ericsson’s head for Southeast Asia Nunzio Mirtillo said they are getting ready for 5G play given the ... ( read original story ...)

5G, OTT serve to wed telecom and media

As 5G and the possibility of high-quality OTT video streaming come ... revenue derived from OTT video is projected to increase 160% in central and southern Asia between 2014 and 2015. Pay TV, in contrast, saw the exodus of half a million consumers in ... ( read original story ...)

5G to reach 20 percent globally by 2023: Ericsson

Globally, there will be $619 billion in operator-addressable 5G digitalisation revenues across these 10 sectors, he said. According to Ericsson, Asia-Pacific will be "one of the early movers in 5G by 2022", with 10 percent of all mobile subscriptions in ... ( read original story ...)