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Rakuten Mobile hails strong consumer interest

Rakuten Mobile received more than 1 million applications for its free unlimited 4G service in Japan, which it launched in early April. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social … ( read original story …)

5 reasons why Singapore’s upcoming general election is worth watching

Singapore is set to hold general election on July 10 — a little more than a month after the country started easing restrictions put in place to contain one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks in … ( read original story… Continue Reading →

MTN Launches its First 5G Network in South Africa

MTN South Africa has officially launched its 5G network, a first for its 21 operations across Africa and the Middle East. ( read original story …)

Apple is reportedly pushing suppliers to cut production delays for its 5G iPhone range

Apple is slated to release four versions of its 5G iPhone with three different screen sizes and is facing delays of between four weeks and two months for mass production of those, the Nikkei Asian … ( read original story… Continue Reading →

Apple races to push ahead with 5G iPhone mass production

sources told the Nikkei Asian Review. Apple has been betting heavily on the 5G range to help it against rivals including Samsung and Huawei Technologies, which introduced 5G-capable smartphones … ( read original story …)

GE2020: PAP’s moves a chance for its 4G leaders to prove their mettle, analysts say | Video

Political observers have called Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat’s move to helm East Coast GRC a strategic one for the ruling People’s Action Party. Some add this shows recognition of a tough … ( read original story …)

Huawei chief hails 5G impact on industry

GSMA THRIVE CHINA 2020: Guo Ping, Huawei rotating chairman (pictured), declared 5G networks had accelerated uptake of a range of innovative applications in the industrial sector and encouraged … ( read original story …)

Asia-Pacific Digital Transformation Market Study 2020-2025 – The COVID-19 Pandemic is Merely a Speed Bump in the Road

The “Digital Transformation Asia Pacific: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Smart Cities in APAC 2020 … ( read original story …)

Four European countries have only Chinese gear in 4G networks, researcher says

Four European countries, including Belgium, use only Chinese gear in their 4G mobile networks and in many large countries more than 50per … ( read original story …)

Naver, Leading Online Search Platform in South Korea and Creator of the LINE Messenger App, Deploys Bright Pattern Contact Center Software

Naver, frequently referred to as ‘the Google of South Korea’ and creator of a top APAC messenger app, has deployed contact center … ( read original story …)

CommScope and Saudi STC deploy 30-port antennas

RIYADH — CommScope and Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announced they are deploying 30-port antennas, enabling the operator to bring innovation toward 5G across the Middle East and North Africa … ( read original story …)

Nokia scores exclusive 5G deal with Taiwan Mobile

Nokia has picked up an exclusive €400 million deal with Taiwan Mobile (TWM) that will see Taiwan’s second-largest mobile operator use its 5G radios, core, and IP multimedia subsystem. It is planned … ( read original story …)

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