Pub With No Beer nor mobile coverage gets both

It’s not just Taylors Arm getting a leg up when it comes to expanded 3G/4G mobile coverage – it’s just one of “577 new mobile base stations being deployed by Telstra across regional and rural Australia through the Federal Government’s Mobile ... ( read original story ...)

Securitas Enters the Australian Security Services Market

STOCKHOLM, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --PSGA has been a partner to Securitas in Australia for many years, providing consulting and investigation services and guarding services to Securitas' global customers mainly in Sydney and Melbourne. The company has ... ( read original story ...)

ZTE Corp vows to ratchet up its spend on burgeoning 5G

ZTE has invested more than 1 billion yuan annually in the R&D of 5G, with more than 2,000 experts in China, Japan, Europe and North America focusing on leading-edge research into key technologies. The company says it now commits 10 percent of its annual ... ( read original story ...)

Into The Volte: Where to go to hire that $30,000 dress

It pains me when I look at the lovely, often discarded, party frocks – and don't forget the shoes! – in my wardrobe. Why do I get around in jeans most days when these babies are ready to rock?! Many of the little darlings have only been worn once to ... ( read original story ...

Asia-Pacific leads mobile economy

as Asia is home to four of the five most penetrated markets in the world -- Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan -- but also some of the least penetrated, such as North Korea. Mobile broadband (3G and above) is now the dominant technology in the region ... ( read original story ...)