The Best Cell Phone Plans

AT&T’s LTE percentage of 82.2 was about the same as last year’s ... And it doesn’t cover most of Asia—just India, Indonesia, and Japan. But Verizon phones are all sold unlocked, so you can (and should) use a local prepaid SIM when traveling ... ( read original story ...)

Building a global IoT network

This is changing, with the ratification of narrow band standards like LTE-M, which works within the normal construct ... North America, much of Europe, Asia, and Africa and the aim is to be in 60 countries by the end of 2018. At WND, we have become the ... ( read original story ...)

Powys man gets broadband via satellite over Africa

"It's an astonishing technological achievement," he said. Where Prof Spry lives also has sporadic 3G coverage so he researched his options and decided to invest in satellite technology. A BT spokesman said: "Heol Senni is in scope to benefit from the ... ( read original story ...)