How to fix the iPhone No Service error while roaming

The European Union recently abolished roaming charges ... If you can’t connect, just switch from 4G to 3G, and you should be good to go. This seems like something that should be automatic, especially since the failure mode is so catastrophic — i.e ... ( read original story ...)

Vodafone UK redeploys 2.1GHz for 4G

The operator has also refarmed its 900MHz holding from 2G to 3G. In June, Vodafone UK revealed that it had undertaken the Group’s first launch of Massive MIMO technology, which will improve throughput and sensitivity in the network. The network ... ( read original story ...)

LTE to edge Wi-Fi in mining sector

Private LTE is set to outpace Wi-Fi in the mining sector as companies look to roll out underground wireless connectivity, according to new predictions. Features such as wide coverage, carrier-grade resilience, high-data throughput and remote control will ... ( read original story ...)