Proximus and Telenet push 4.5G boundaries in Europe at MWC

the trial made Telenet the first operator in Europe to reach the speed under real-world conditions. The work with ZTE was undertaken as part of a €250 million network modernisation programme aimed at sharpening the network’s 3G, LTE and LTE Advanced ... ( read original story ...)

EU calls for greater industry involvement in 5G

As Ansip said, Europe wants to “preferably lead” in the development of 5G. In Barcelona last year, it launched an action plan with various companies to shape the next generation of broadband networks. The European Commission will unveil its strategy ... ( read original story ...)

Europe at ‘crunch point’ ahead of 5G transition

Europe is at a ‘crunch point’ when it comes to telecoms, with the planned move to 5G set to transform how people live, work, play and communicate. This is according to Andrus Ansip, European Commission’s vice-president for the digital single market ... ( read original story ...)

Qualcomm unveils 5G trial, gigabit LTE modem launches

The company said it showed how advanced 5G NR technologies could be used to achieve multi-gigabit-per-second data rates at significantly lower latency than today’s 4G LTE networks. 5G NR is expected to be the basis for the eventual 5G standard when it is ... ( read original story ...)