Satellite for 5G

ESA and the European space industry have joined forces to develop and demonstrate the added value that satellite brings in the context of 5G. ESA and 16 satellite industry leaders signed a joint statement on their collaboration over ‘Satellite for 5G ... ( read original story ...)

4G wireless home broadband: A popular new business in Europe

HUAWEI PRESS RELEASE: Following fiber-to-the-x (FTTx), we now have wireless-to-the-x (WTTx), a wireless broadband solution designed to enable homes and small businesses to quickly enjoy broadband access. The evolution of 4G LTE technologies has increased ... ( read original story ...)

European e-Reader Companies Considering 3G Internet Access

Many e-reader companies in Europe are now considering 3G and GSM internet access for future products. This is due to a new “Roam Like at Home” rule, which means consumers home plan will work anywhere in Europe, at no extra cost. Calls, data and texts ... ( read original story ...)