Australia – Telecoms Industry – Statistics and Forecasts

The two companies have demonstrated 1Gb/s capabilities over a commercial LTE network using carrier aggregation technology, and will use the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland to trial a range of technologies including a prototype 5G. Australia's ... ( read original story ...)

Australian phone networks and frequencies explained

Telstra's network operates on 3G and 4G frequencies, including its hybrid 4GX network that offers data speeds of up to a (theoretical) 1Gbps. Telstra is often cited as the most reliably available network across Australia, which is due to its large ... ( read original story ...)

Telco groups at war over 5G spectrum

Mobile telecommunications carriers Telstra and Vodafone Australia have found themselves at odds with wireless ISPs and satellite operators over the use of the 3.6GHz spectrum band, which is being promoted by the regulator for 5G. Speaking during the ... ( read original story ...)

ACMA’s planning for the 3.6GHz band and the future of 5G

Although the Government is consulting on a rewrite of Australia’s Radiocommunications Act 1992 (see ... given the potential for the 3.6GHz band to be used in connection with delivery of 5G mobile broadband services. Currently, the 3.6GHz band is used ... ( read original story ...)