Vodafone Now Offering The New iPad Over 24-months

These plans give you data to use each month from the iPad, over their 3G and 4G network, around Australia. Pricing starts at A$34/month with 1.5GB of data to use for the month in Australia. Following, a 3GB plan for A$36/month, 7GB (10GB for a limited time ... ( read original story ...)

NBN Co to run 5G tests in Melbourne

“Today, NBN Co is operating in excess of 2500 fixed wireless (macro sites) across Australia providing LTE fixed wireless access to 225,000 end users across the country. “It is in this vein we have a close interest in 5G for our fixed wireless footprint ... ( read original story ...)

Huawei Australia CTO outlines 5G plans

Huawei Australia's new chief technology officer Dr David Soldani has described the Chinese networking giant's plans for pushing 5G technology in Australia, with his ultimate goals being to form a collaborative ecosystem with partners and customers and ... ( read original story ...)

Here’s what 5G tech could mean for the Aussie economy

The rollout of 5G in Australia could see the country’s economic productivity surge to the tune of an extra $2,000 in gross domestic product (GDP) per capita by the end of the first decade after the technology’s local rollout, according to new ... ( read original story ...)

The chart on 5G speeds every phone user should see

Australia’s consumer watchdog claims to have proof that 5G internet will be powerful enough to allow smartphones to compete with home internet connections by the year 2020. In its final NBN report, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ... ( read original story ...)