Palestinians finally get access to 3G services

"We launched 3G technically and commercially about midnight on Monday ... Did you know: 1 in 10 mobile services in Australia use an MVNO, as more consumers are turning away from the big 3 providers? The Australian mobile landscape is changing, and you ... ( read original story ...)

Best 4G network: Telstra vs Optus vs Vodafone

Australia has always been at the forefront of new mobile technology rollouts, and 4G is no exception. Initially rolled out by Telstra late in 2011, both Optus and Vodafone quickly followed suit rolling out their own versions of LTE technology. Over the ... ( read original story ...)

New website launched: SPOKEdata Remote 3G Monitoring a low-cost remote 3G monitoring solution which reliably collects, stores and reports data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet enabled computer or mobile device. A true plug 'n' play device, the SPOKEdata device ... ( read original story ...)

Accelerated’s Band 28 4G Router Beats NBN Blues

The Accelerated™ 6330-MX router, which supports 4G LTE CAT6 speeds and all 4G/4GX carrier bandwidths in Australia and New Zealand, including Band 28, is designed to keep the smart home and business online when wired Internet access fails. The attractive ... ( read original story ...)

Telstra opens 5G Innovation Centre on Gold Coast

Instead autonomous drones, self-driving cars and other smart devices will benefit most from Australia's new super-fast 5G networks launching next year. Swarms of smart drones are set to patrol Australia's beaches, taking advantage of 5G's multi-gigabit ... ( read original story ...)