8.1 in Australia

Browser or not. It won't really matter either way in 2020 when Telstra 3G shuts down. Click to expand... I heard they have to keep 3G going for at least another ten years as ATM's and vending machines often use a 3G connection to feed sales data back to base. ( read original story ...)

Vodafone says spectrum issue could hamper 5G mobile rollout

Vodafone Australia boss Iñaki Berroeta has warned of a looming spectrum logjam that he said could hinder the rollout of 5G mobile technology. Speaking at the CommsDay Summit in Melbourne, Mr Berroeta said the federal government should heed the lessons ... ( read original story ...)

Vodafone worried that NBN will stunt 5G

Vodafone has raised concerns that prime 5G spectrum in Australia is parked with NBN Co and may need to be “withdrawn” to accommodate next-generation mobile services. The mobile telco said NBN Co’s 3.4-3.7GHz spectrum holdings - which are to be used ... ( read original story ...)