Telstra pushes LTE to “be more 5G like”

The operator deployed gigabit LTE in some of Australia’s larger cities, but Eriksson noted the service only runs on mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) devices as smartphones don’t yet support the technology. The operator conducted 5G tests in September 2016 ... ( read original story ...)

Gigabit LTE comes to London

The mobile infrastructure duo also promised upload speeds of 110Mbits/sec. Such shows of speed aren't new to Qualcomm, which displayed gigabit LTE last year in Australia, but it highlights the potential for 4G to provide fast data connections even in ... ( read original story ...)

Sony and Qualcomm demo gigabit Cat 16 LTE on EE’s network

“What is transformational about Gigabit LTE is, I had the opportunity to go out to Australia [for a similar demo on Telstra’s network] and I actually had the ability to try a live gigabit LTE network, they launched that under the ‘4GX’ moniker. ( read original story ...)

HMD CEO hints at Nokia 3310 (2017) 3G version in works

We won’t see that handset here in Australia because it’s 2G only, but was there ever any consideration given to making a 3G model of the 3310? “The reason we did the 3310 in the first place was because consumers were asking us to do that. Actually ... ( read original story ...)

Tesla Powerwall 2 Installations Now Underway In Australia

As we have reported before, Australia tends to be ahead of the game when it comes ... It has a Wifi AP (TEGxxxx) and a Telstra 3G sim, but the sim has yet to be activated by Telstra, so Tim connects it to my home Wifi and uses a webpage to update the ... ( read ...

Optus announces another $10m mobile coverage boost

Australia's second biggest telco Optus has announced an investment of $7 million to improve mobile coverage in and around Busselton, Margaret River and Bunbury. The company also said it would spend $3 million to improve the 4G and 3G mobile network in ... ( read original story ...)