Telstra spending ‘a lot of time on 5G’: Penn

Telstra had announced in February that it would be conducting 5G new radio (NR) trials across Australia during the second half of 2017 ahead of an accelerated deployment in partnership with Ericsson and Qualcomm. The trials will see the three companies ... ( read original story ...)

TPG could bid for 5G to bypass NBN: Shaw and Partners

Forecasts this year will be difficult for TPG which is building capital intensive mobile networks in Australia and Singapore ... Spotswood reckons using upcoming 5G mobile technology would be an attractive way to bypass the expense of the NBN for TPG. ( read original story ...)

5G data speeds loom sooner than expected

Australia might be getting access to 5G data speeds sooner than expected with the communications regulator fast-tracking preparations to auction the necessary spectrum off to mobile network operators. Speeding up the long process may bring forward revenue ... ( read original story ...)

Qualcomm CEO: 5G phones on shelves in 2019, not 2020

He also explained that first mover countries such as the US, South Korea and Japan would be first to see 5G, and while he didn’t mention Australia, Telstra is already doing a lot of work with Ericsson, and presumably Qualcomm too, in getting 5G to us ... ( read original story ...)

ACMA set to speed up release of 5G-friendly spectrum

“Australia has a strong track record of timely review of spectrum arrangements in support of innovation in the communications industry,” acting ACMA chairperson, Richard Bean, said in a statement. “5G in the millimetre wave bands presents a great ... ( read original story ...)