Isansys Travels with NASA to Antarctica

NASA to evaluate the use of Isansys' physiological monitoring tools to learn how to monitor explorers as they travel into space A NASA exploration scientist set off on his mission to Antarctica being monitored by the Patient Status Engine, a physiological ... ( read original story ...)

The last places on Earth with no internet

However, many cruises visit some truly remote seas (think the South Pacific and Antarctica), and access can disappear for ... by the Landmark Trust (though you still might find a 3G or 4G network). What’s more, many of them are truly eccentric, you ... ( read original story ...)

Mobile can keep Nest Secure online if your WiFi fails

For those curious, the Nest Guard in this special Nest Secure has a Cat 1 LTE module inside that connects to LTE bands ... NASA discovers proof of geothermal heat origin under West Antarctica Rivers and lakes, the largest of which is the size of Lake ... ( read original story ...)

Journey to the End of the World: the South Pole

Last Austral summer a new camera was installed onto the telescope, SPT-3G. As with any new technology ... Weather changes rapidly in Antarctica, so it’s not uncommon for flights to ‘boomerang’ at the last minute and turn back around. ( read original story ...)

10 of the Best Places to Visit on Google Street View

Google Street View imagery in Antarctica was first launched in 2010 and was later ... available for viewing in Northern Canada’s Cambridge Bay of Nunavut. With no 3G or 4G service in the area, it ranks amongst one of the most remote areas where the ... ( read original story ...)