Flat Earth Is the Ultimate Conspiracy

Part of the project includes a $1.4 million exploration mission to send a crew of flat earthers to the ice wall, the edge of the world—otherwise known as Antarctica ... chemtrails and waves of weaponized 5G waves in the parking lot, Watsun Atkinsun ... ( read original story ...)

Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

Antarctica has ten times as much ice as Greenland and it will ... and the southern hemisphere (blue). Figure 4g shows the summer insolation for both hemispheres, the summer insolation has decreased in the Holocene in the Northern Hemisphere and increased ... ( read original story ...)

Journey to the End of the World: the Commute

By this point there was a huge backlog of people waiting to fly out to Antartica. To help get everyone onto the ... ve been hard at work on upgrading some major components of the SPT-3G camera. Just this weekend we hit a large milestone in the upgrade ... ( read original story ...)

Xiaomi Mi 7 Plus, Mi7 to be launched in March:Report

LTE data is quite faster than most public Wi-Fi's nowadays ... The bird - dubbed Kumimanu - lived long before Antarctica's glaciation, when New Zealand was subtropical. Road leads Sonny Dykes home to Texas and SMU SMU will play the Frisco Bowl against ... ( read original story ...)

Marlink adds 4G option in Gulf of Mexico

Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress and 4G/LTE services, to offer redundancy in communications links alongside virtual machine capabilities. Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic krill harvester fleet support ship, La Manche, has installed Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress service ... ( read original story ...)