Getting rid of 2G and 3G in South Africa to make way for 4G

Mobile operators in South Africa face a big problem: they have no room to roll out wide-coverage 4G, or the upcoming 5G, networks. Physical space isn’t the issue, but rather a lack of frequency spectrum for LTE and LTE-A. Spectrum represents the maximum ... ( read original story ...)

Bringing Wi-Fi to Africa

like LTE-U. However, if you take an in-depth look at these new developments, you will understand why Wi-Fi is actually experiencing an upsurge. Why Africa should widely adopt Wi-Fi Let’s take a look at why Africa should widely adopt Wi-Fi. Unlimited ... ( read original story ...)

4G subscriptions continue to grow in Africa

According to Dataxis, in 2016, most 4G subscribers came from a few leading countries in northern and southern Africa. Significant disparities in 4G development and adoption still exist depending on the country, for instance, Morocco, with its 3.4 million ... ( read original story ...)

Spike in Africa’s 4G subscriptions

However, Sa Eva Nébié, research analyst at Dataxis, says Africa still trails other continents in regards to 4G deployments. Nonetheless, she points out the number of 3G-enabled SIMs will continue to rise simultaneously, particularly in countries with low ... ( read original story ...)