5G: The disruptive technology in the Networked Society

The question is, how will this technology be rolled out in the Middle East, how it will be used by the various industries and what business reasons are driving the 5G roll out and adoption? Rafiah Ibrahim, president of Ericsson Middle East and Africa ... ( read original story ...)

Is Africa's $30 smartphone a game changer?

"Besides the fact that we're very proud that it's manufactured in South Africa, it has a knock on effect wherever it's going out and being supported," he says. The affordability of 3G Perhaps the phone's most attractive feature will be its affordability ... ( read original story ...)

Wireless communication to drive economic growth in Africa

WiFi also provides a means of bringing broadband connection into rural areas at a lower cost than for 3G. “Fibre will provide another necessary means to connect Africa to the world and – just like the current undersea cables – will add additional ... ( read original story ...)

Namibia: Telecom Namibia Expands Broadband Reach

At the same time, he said Telecom had set up 3G mobile base stations at Groot Aub, Dordabis, Witvlei, Karasburg and Nkurenkuru for voice and data services. In addition, the village of Onkani in the Otamanzi Constituency of the Omusati region now has a 2G ... ( read original story ...)

Jasco introduces carrier solutions to the East African market

Equipment and the support thereof range from wireless systems such as WiFi, 4G, 5G, small cell and microwave solutions, to wired line services such as fibre, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and broadband. “Africa is becoming more fibre ... ( read original story ...)