The Growing Influence Of The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), is poised to explode with the advent of 5G wireless technology ... how long employees are spending at their desks or workstation. In South Africa, Shyamala Vijayanath, a successful business lady who founded eSoft back in ... ( read original story ...)

Behold: Now you can get a 3G-compatible Nokia 3310

The 3G capable device is slated to become available in mid-October, and the device will retail for €69 EUR internationally. The 2G Nokia 3310 is presently available in South Africa, and we’ll be sure to provide coverage if we hear the newer variant is ... ( read original story ...)

Airtel Uganda launches LTE network

Airtel Uganda has introduced LTE mobile telecommunications technology to the country. The upgrade to LTE follows a nationwide investment with the establishment of 404 sites in Kampala and 126 sites upcountry. According to the company, the upgrade will ... ( read original story ...)

ZTE trials pre-5G in Singapore

Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE has completed a successful pre-5G network trial in Singapore, the company revealed. ZTE South Africa, a subsidiary of ZTE, says the company teamed up with Singtel to complete a live demonstration of the 2.6GHz pre-5G ... ( read original story ...)

Telecoms union to complete 5G standardisation by 2019

South Africa, Kenya, Egypt to champion next generation technologies in terms of use and adoption, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is hoping to complete all standardisation around the Fifth-Generation (5G) networks by 2019. ITU Secretary ... ( read original story ...)

ZTE trials Pre5G Massive MIMO in Singapore

Dieter Kusel – Contract Manager, ZTE South Africa products, says: "Although the 5G standard has not yet been determined, the 5G user experience requirement and key 5G technologies have been relatively clear. We are devoting our efforts to promote the ... ( read original story ...)