MTN South Africa plans 4×4 MIMO upgrade in 2017

MTN South Africa said this week that it plans to upgrade its LTE network with 4x4 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) this year, following a successful trial with Huawei and Qualcomm. "MTN is confident in MIMO technology. We plan to roll out the largest ... ( read original story ...)

‘African Telcos prioritize new skills to stay afloat’

While the deployment of 4G networks is already gaining traction across Africa, spectrum availability, low customer awareness, low coverage, high tariffs, and the cost of 4G smartphone devices remain key challenges. “The availability of affordable 4G ... ( read original story ...)

The role of Optimisation in 5G networks

As we all know, 4G and LTE are designed to improve capacity, user data-rates, spectrum usage and latency. However, 5G represents more than just an evolution of mobile broadband. It will be a key enabler of the future digital world and the next generation ... ( read original story ...)

South Africa: Feature Phones Make Huge African Comeback

Samsung leads the African market with 26 million units, followed by Transsion and Huawei. IDC said that 3G handsets accounted for more than half of new smartphone shipments, but 4G devices increased their sales by 50%, leading the organisation to predict ... ( read original story ...)

Beware reports ranking Kenya’s internet top in Africa

Mobile 3G speeds can fluctuate widely, from 0mbps to around 20mbps, depending on access technology, location and congestion status of base stations. A recent report from Akamai ranked Kenya’s internet quality the best in Africa. Indeed, it put Kenya ... ( read original story ...)

Strategic Focus Areas For Africa’s Telcos in 2017

Despite on-going economic challenges and some tricky regulatory issues, Africa is fast approaching the 1bn mobile subscriptions landmark. The continued rollout of 3G and 4G networks, as well as an influx of low-cost smartphones, is changing the face of the ... ( read original story ...)