Here’s What the Arrival of 5G Means for You and Me

Some carriers have jumped the gun, claiming they already offer 5G. This is a blatant lie. It’s actually only a faster and better version of current 4G LTE technologies. The advertising lies got so bad that the U.N. had to step in. For every “G”, the ... ( read original story ...)

T-Mobile Promises 'Nationwide' 5G in 2020 With New Spectrum

With mullti-connectivity, you could also use low-band LTE for control-plane, and migrate LTE to 5G over time, if you don't have fresh low band spectrum available right now. In terms of end-user throughput, you are right that it is determined primarily by ... ( read original story ...)

AT&T's Next Generation Communications Potemkin Network

It's been called “fiber without the fiber” for a reason; the maximum speed of an LTE connection is around one gigabit per second, reports note, while 5G's maximum speed is expected to be about 10 times that. Essentially, reports note, AT&T's “5G ... ( read original story ...)

Telstra's IoT strategy revealed: All your IoT are belong to us

Last year it installed a network at Belgium's Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station ... Eriksson mentioned that Telstra’s experience in deploying and managing the 4G network stands them in good stead as the 5G network is built and prepared ... ( read original story ...)