Gigabit LTE, a 5G stopgap, is now live

Groundbreaking peak download speeds of 930 Mbps were obtained last week at the operational launch of Telstra’s Gigabit LTE network. Peak upload speeds of 127 Mbps were obtained at the same event. The ultra-fast service has now rolled out in major ... ( read original story ...)

Cisco 881G 3G config

Hi I need help. I have been struggling to configure 3g (old technology compared to LTE) for home use. I have a cisco 881G router that I would like to configure 3G service using a Telkom mobile sim card with 10GB capped data. Now question 1) is the APN name ... ( read original story ...

Wireless Broadband

The alternatives to ADSL are wireless services from a wireless Internet service provider, or Mobile. 3G/4G/LTE services. Some of the services require an external antenna on a mast and that is where the potential exists for increased risk of equipment ... ( read original story ...)