Your Opinion: Paris Accord was high price for little results

The IPCC report itself states that it will take a massive temperature increase and then after that it will take 3,000 years for the ice to melt in Antarctica ... all you have to do is look at the LTE and visit alarmist websites. Just recently a LTE ... ( read original story ...)

Africa’s digital rise hooked on innovation

GSMA foresees 80% of the African continent being connected to 5G internet networks by 2022. Mobile phones coupled with internet access have allowed governments to put their services online and digitise their records. Rwanda ... ( read original story ...)

SA sees LTE availability uptick

Richard Hurst, director of enterprise research at Africa Analysis, believes the single biggest step SA can take to make LTE more ubiquitous and cost-effective would be the allocation of the high-demand spectrum. "The allocation of the spectrum via a two ... ( read original story ...)