has anyone Ever Made a WhatsApp call on a LTE Router

What was the speed you were getting through your mobile internet Router?? and how much signal did you have? number of bars. what was the quality of the video or audio?? were you on LTE-A or LTE only! what area in south africa were you outside or inside ( read original story ...)

Coal of Africa clears loan with equity conversion

Coal of Africa announced on Friday that it received notice from Yishun ... Shore Capital updated the market on the LTE mobile technology testing being undertaken by one of its investments on Friday. 16:20 Commodities: Crude eases as traders look to looming ... ( read original story ...)

Telkom LTE ,3G failover

Will 3G failover be supported? Telkom Mobile 3G failover shall only be supported as a failover measure in instances where the LTE network is down and it must be stressed that the SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless service is a fixed wireless service which ... ( read original story ...)