LTE architecture

I understand that the LTE uses a different set of transmission antennas compared to those used for the 3G service, is that correct ? Do the LTE towers transmit and receive 3G as well, or is this an entirely different system ? If the LTE system is not ... ( read original story ...)

Reports Says 5G Market Will Expand Over The Next Five Years

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already begun an assessment of the allocation of 5G frequencies, according to the report, while Asia Pacific 5G technology market share is predicted to exhibit significant growth prospects over the forecast ... ( read original story ...)

We’re ramping up our mobile black spot rollout

We have activated an additional 34 of up to 250 innovative 4G data-only small cells to a number of other communities to ensure more of rural and regional Australia has access to fast connectivity. We’re also speeding up our rollout even further and ... ( read original story ...)

Vodafone Australia suffers voice outage

Vodafone Australia has confirmed that its four-hour outage across ... The router issue subsequently led to a high number of customers attempting to use the 2G and 3G networks, with a high level of congestion following. Vodafone backs up the reliability ... ( read original story ...)

Nokia 3310 enabled for 3G: Heading to Australia?

Some of the launches were already rumored and while many details about these phones had already been revealed, companies made it official by showing their phones and new features. However, this year the Korean company has confirmed it will not unveil the ... ( read original story ...)

Mobile phone reception reaches William Creek

It may be just a speck on the map in outback South Australia but last week the tiny town of William Creek switched on their Optus 3G mobile phone service connecting travellers to the rest of the world. Now travellers with Optus mobile phones will be able ... ( read original story ...)