Kids Smartwatch for $149! Know where your kids are!

Early next year the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch (MT30) will launch in Australia. It’s 3G enabled (Tick! – Most to date have been 2G, thus meaning they aren’t any good for Australia) and at $149 (Tick! That’s a crazy good price) we expect all the ... ( read original story ...)

Vodacom and MTN outperform in 4G metrics

Kevin, thank you so much for your time. KEVIN FITCHARD: Good evening Nastassia. In South Africa we took a look at all the major operators and primarily their 4G metrics – and some of their 3G metrics as well. The big conclusion, I guess, is that you ... ( read original story ...)

DT and Huawei claim Europe’s first 5G connection

German operator Deutsche Telekom has gone big at IFA in Berlin, with its commercial network in Berlin apparently now churning out a whopping 2 Gbps. Just like TMUS yesterday DT chose to throw a bone to its kit partner, in this case Huawei. The two claim to ... ( read original story ...)