Kar-Tel expands 3G, LTE networks

Mobile operator Kar-Tel, working under the Beeline Kazakhstan brand, has covered an area including more than 600,000 residents with its 3G and LTE networks since the beginning of the year. Deployment of new base stations led to services in 88 additional ... ( read original story ...)

4G subscriptions continue to grow in Africa

According to Dataxis, in 2016, most 4G subscribers came from a few leading countries in northern and southern Africa. Significant disparities in 4G development and adoption still exist depending on the country, for instance, Morocco, with its 3.4 million ... ( read original story ...)

European e-Reader Companies Considering 3G Internet Access

Many e-reader companies in Europe are now considering 3G and GSM internet access for future products. This is due to a new “Roam Like at Home” rule, which means consumers home plan will work anywhere in Europe, at no extra cost. Calls, data and texts ... ( read original story ...)

Verizon Releases Its First-Ever 4G LTE Basic Phone

These days, you’re not going to want a smartphone without 4G LTE capabilities, but would you buy a basic phone with 4G LTE? That’s what Verizon and LG are asking by launching the new Exalt LTE, a basic flip phone that can nonetheless access Verizon’s ... ( read original story ...)