Two arrested over fentanyl import on the Yorke Peninsula

A man and a woman, both 31, allegedly collected a package which contained about 3g of fentanyl from the Port Vincent post ... Police warned there have been a number of deaths in South Australia, interstate and overseas suspected to be linked to the drug. ( read original story ...)

6 Cheap 4G LTE Phones You Can Buy For Less Than 50k

With the mass adoption of 4G LTE Network by telcos in Nigeria , there is a huge demand for 4G LTE phones that are not only good but also affordable. Gone are the days when the only way to use 4G Network in Nigeria is to buy a high-end device at a ... ( read ...

Retrotechtacular: Olivetti Net3

If you sign up for a European hacker camp such as CCC Camp in Germany or SHA ... they define a fully functional multi-cell 3G phone and data networking system. This means that an event like SHA Camp can run its own digital phone network without having ... ( read original story ...)