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India’s 5G sales hit 50 per cent market for 1st time

The monthly 5G smartphone sales share has crossed the 50 per cent mark in India for the first time in April this year, a new report said on Monday. According to Counterpoint Research, 5G services are … ( read original… Continue Reading →

SYTA: Siyata Mobile reports strong 1st quarter 2023 results which supports price target of $0.75.

Rugged Handsets Siyata’s rugged handsets are targeted to the approximately 47 million enterprise task and public sector workers across North America including construction … devices include the … ( read original story …)

EU countries reject plan for big tech companies to fund 5G rollout

A proposal to have big tech companies that account for heavy internet traffic finance 5G and broadband expansion in Europe is facing criticism from ministers. ( read original story …)

The Majority of European Countries Are Against Network Fee Levies on Big Tech

Many EU countries have declined a push by Europe’s big telecoms providers to force tech enterprises like Google to help finance the rollout of 5G in the region. ( read original story …)

Orange Belgium completes VOO acquisition

First announced in late 2021, Orange has acquired the majority stake in VOO for €1.8 billion ($1.92bn). The deal was given the go-ahead by the European Commission in March of th … ( read original story …)

India’s 5G sales hit 50% market for 1st time: Report

G smartphone sales share has crossed the 50 per cent mark in India for the first time in April this year, a new report said on Monday. ( read original story …)

5G OI Lab partners with F5, GXC, and Spirent to develop enterprise Private Mobile Network platform

G edge and ecosystem 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) and its ecosystem partners F5, GXC, and Spirent Communications are collaborating on a Private Mobile Network (PMN) solution that offers greater … ( read original story …)

Chinese state-sponsored attack uses custom router implant to target European governments

Learn technical details about this cyberattack, as well as Check Point Research’s tips on how to detect and protect against this security threat. ( read original story …)

Rwanda Set to Pilot 5G Internet

The Government is preparing to pilot fifth-generation technology (5G) by the end of this year, aiming to leverage high-speed internet to deliver services more efficiently, according to Paula Ingabire, … ( read original story …)

Rwanda: Telecos Excited About End of 4G Internet Monopoly

The end of 4G internet monopoly in Rwanda will enable competition, facilitate the development of new products, as well as lower prices for users, telecommunication companies have argued. ( read original story …)

Most EU countries against 5G funding network levy for Big Tech

Critics of a network levy included Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta and the Netherlands, the people said. But France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, … ( read original story …)

Telcos Propose 5G-Friendly Tax Breaks in Budget 2023-24

Telecom operators have proposed the government adopt a model to earn with 5G development instead of spectrum fee and taxes, as return on investments will … ( read original story …)

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