MTN experiences a drop in subscriber numbers

In the quarter, we have accelerated our network investment programme, rolling out 1 641 3G and 2 102 4G sites (including co-located sites), supporting the demand for data services. In South Africa and Nigeria the network investments are showing encouraging ... ( read original story ...)

Currency volatility hits MTN revenue

The South African subscriber numbers were down by 1% to 30.9 million ... "MTN SA continued to make good progress in improving the quality and capacity of its 3G and 4G network in the quarter with leading network metrics in three of the four metros in ... ( read original story ...)

OnePlus 5 3G to LTE switching bug fixed?

But here's the thing: in my three days of informal testing across the GTA that LTE signal was pretty hard to come by. More often than not I was stuck on HSPA+, sometimes even on (gasp) 3G! Not only that, but I can recall two incidents in particular where ... ( read original story ...)

Guest Interview – BoardThirteen

Antarctica. I hate cold, but a thought of going to the end of the world is something that I want to experience at least once. 7. What three things (apart from the essentials – food/water, etc.) do you always travel with? My phone and local 3G plan. ( read original story ...)