Video: Get 5G right, not first, urges Orange Labs Networks SVP

Orange will be focused on getting 5G right, not getting out first with 5G, its SVP for Orange Labs Networks has said. Speaking in an exclusive interview at Mobile Europe's CTO of the Year awards last month, Alain Maloberti said it was working hard within ... ( read original story ...)

Nationwide 5G mobile coverage coming to Japan in 2023

TOKYO -- Japan's three leading mobile service providers will begin offering 5G wireless communication to customers in 2020, with at least one planning to go nationwide in 2023, fueling a potential boon for self-driving technology and the "internet of things." ( read original story ...)

EE hits 429MBps download speed with LTE upgrade

In May, Telenor announced it had rolled out LTE-A networks in seven locations across Serbia to support surging data traffic from video and social media. Also in May, Swisscom announced it had combined four bands in one of its retail stores in Zurich ... ( read original story ...)