TIM pushes 4.5G mobile speed to 1Gbps in Milan trial

"Gigabit LTE will provide wide-area coverage and superior mobility and serve as the anchor to the 5G mobile experience." TIM says the 4.5G technology coexists with Wifi on the 5GHz band and efficiently covers hot spot locations – such as shops ... ( read original story ...)

5G Network – 5th Generation Mobile & Wireless Technology !

5G is the data which is going to be used in the future for our phones and tablets. It is very similar to the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standers which are working for the 4G system. Just have a look at the history of this new mobile generation. First 1G ... ( read original story ...

New Technologies Give U.S. Telecom More Reasons to Grow

Several industry researchers hold that 5G network will provide a download speed of 1 Gbps (gigabit per second), which is 200 times the throughput of the currently available standard 4G LTE network. The latency period of data delivery will be in single ... ( read original story ...)

3 Reasons To Stay Long Nokia

The United States still has a low average mobile internet speed. This bodes well for Nokia’s 4.5G LTE Advanced Pro infrastructure roll-out business. Xiaomi has signed a network equipment supply and patent licensing agreement with Nokia. Other top Chinese ... ( read original story ...)

Top 5 RF Technologies for 5G in the IOT

It depends upon who you ask. At the recent IEEE IMS 2017 event, a Keysight presentation listed the following as key enabling technologies: --New Radio (NR) Standard for 5G – separate from LTE. This is the 3GPP standard. --Spectrum - Other 5G or “pre ... ( read original story ...)