Tech licensing system that keeps the giants in check

Sir, Morgan Reed (Letters, July 28) suggests that inventors of 3G and 4G technologies that invest heavily in the future 5G open standard, underpinning the internet of things, are acting out of greed. His claim is as ironic as it is misleading. European ... ( read original story ...)

Liberia: Orange GSM Launches 4G/LTE Service in Bong County

"With the 4G/LTE network, customers will be able to do video calls, doctors will be able to diagnose illnesses from halfway around the world, and students in Gbarnga could enroll in Masters and PHD programs in the United States and Europe. Our dream is ... ( read original story ...)

ACMA to look into NBN customer woes

As the rollout of the NBN has progressed, customers have increasingly taken to social media to vent their frustration at the company charged with deploying the National Broadband Network across Australia ... Lobb told ZDNet the 4G connection was "very ... ( read original story ...)

Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) and Bicycle Demoed

“This is the first time V2P technology has been trialled in Australia on a 4G network, and is an important step on the journey to fully-autonomous vehicles on Australian roads. This follows our successful trials of V2I in October 2016 and V2V in February ... ( read original story ...)