Nokia remakes its remade 3310 with… 3G

whichever generation came before them. The re-reheated Nokia 3310 3G has, yes, 3G, which upgrades the 2.5G of the relaunched dumbphone, but still trails the LTE (4G) speeds we're used to. (Not that technical specs matter if you're interested in buying one.) ( read original story ...)

US Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Won’t Work in Europe

The Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE has a twist for international bargain hunters. The US version won't work on LTE in most countries outside North America. It's well known that because of import duties, sales taxes, and currency valuations, Apple products ... ( read original story ...)

Telia shows off 5G in Europe with Ericsson, Intel

Getting to 5G sooner rather than later is the name of the game for Telia, so it has deployed what it considers the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe with the help of Ericsson and Intel. The use cases include equipping a Tallink cruise ... ( read original story ...)

Telia claims European first with live 5G trials

Telia said it aims “to be the first in the world to bring 5G to partners and clients”, after claiming a European first with two trials showcasing the technology on a live, pre-commercial, public 5G network in Tallinn, Estonia. In a press briefing Telia ... ( read original story ...)

Telia, Ericsson and Intel bring 5G use cases to Europe

Telia launches Europe's first 5G live network use cases in collaboration with Ericsson and Intel Telia in partnership with Ericsson and Intel, is deploying Europe’s first 5G live network use cases. Use cases include a high-speed 5G connection to a ... ( read original story ...)