Commercial Telematics Market Data

The database includes forecasts for: Global, US, Canada, Latin America, APAC, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and MEA as well as additional country specific breakdowns. ( read original story ...)

Samsung Galaxy S3 4G review

Months after the original 3G version of the amazing Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in Australia, Samsung has updated the handset to 4G to take advantage of the super fast speeds of the Optus and Telstra 4G networks. Read TechRadar's comprehensive Samsung ... ( read original story ...)

Kenya reaches 1m mark on 4G subscribers

4G+ sites allow customers to experience speeds in excess of ... and the third fastest average speeds in Africa. This placed the country ahead of Australia, Egypt and South Africa. Safaricom was also named as the Ookla SpeedTest Award winner in October ... ( read original story ...)

Australian government announces 5G working group members

which was responsible for setting up Australia's industry 5G Group last year. The equipment vendors in the group are Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung; while the Communications Alliance and Internet of Things Alliance Australia have also been included. ( read original story ...)

Making 5G Happen

Here is a fresh assessment of 5G status. Do we really need 5G right now? Our current 4G cellular standard Long Term Evolution (LTE) is adequately serving most of us right now. Are conditions so bad that we are anxious for the next generation to come along ... ( read original story ...)