Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

Antarctica has ten times as much ice as Greenland and it will ... and the southern hemisphere (blue). Figure 4g shows the summer insolation for both hemispheres, the summer insolation has decreased in the Holocene in the Northern Hemisphere and increased ... ( read original story ...)

Ericsson signs funding agreements for 5G research

In addition to strengthening Ericsson’s balance sheet and financial flexibility, these new funds support R&D activities to further develop 5G and other mobile innovations. Mobile networks are evolving to deliver superior mobile broadband and ... ( read original story ...)

5G, security and the attraction of the new

It is the next big thing and the race is on to deliver some elements of 5G networks early next year. By way of contrast, in Africa, 2G connections still account for the largest share of the market. Indeed, according to the GSMA, 3G connections will not ... ( read original story ...)

Nigeria, other SSA countries to experience 5G by 2022

With the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) targeting 2019 to standardise Fifth-Generation networks (5G), Ericsson Mobility Report, has predicted that Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa will witness their first 5G subscriptions by ... ( read original story ...)