ACCC pushes ‘holistic’ spectrum ownership ahead of 5G

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, however, argued on Wednesday that given how Australia's mobile networks have developed organically to cover 99 percent of the population, "there is no need for the government to take an interventionist role in 5G". ( read original story ...)

5G: Can It Replace The NBN And How Expensive Will It Be?

5G will provide convenient broadband access for some internet users. But as demand grows for ultra-high-definition video streaming, the NBN will remain the network of choice for most customers. Will Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN ... ( read original story ...)

ACCC warns 5G could substitute NBN connections

but this percentage is expected to rise again when 5G internet becomes available, in a move that could snatch customers from the NBN and contribute to the uncertainty around the largest infrastructure project in Australia's history. What 5G will need to ... ( read original story ...)