The balance between 4G and 5G

Joosub said that 5G has a benefit over 4G in South Africa, as 5G spectrum is available to operators. The government’s delay in completing the digital migration programme, and providing additional spectrum to operators, has hurt 4G services in the country. ( read original story ...)

AT&T Indianapolis 4G to push gigabit speeds with LTE-LAA

AT&T has announced deploying commercial LTE Licensed Assisted Access (LTE-LAA) technology in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, with the 4G network there now pushing theoretical speeds of up to 1Gbps. The carrier is working with the City of Indianapolis to ... ( read original story ...)

Journey to the End of the World: the South Pole

Last Austral summer a new camera was installed onto the telescope, SPT-3G. As with any new technology ... Weather changes rapidly in Antarctica, so it’s not uncommon for flights to ‘boomerang’ at the last minute and turn back around. ( read original story ...)