Differences between H+, LTE, 4G and 3G explained here

The demand for faster speeds and improved connectivity has led to the development of a variety of networks. As they are each packed with their own specifications and jargon, identifying and distinguishing between them is not something many find easy to do. ( read original story ...)

TIM launches 5G in San Marino taking Europe to next level

Telecom Italia (TIM) announced the launch of 5G services on millimetere wave (mmWave) platform in San Marino — taking Europe to the next level in the wireless space. Finland-based Nokia and the US-based Qualcomm Technologies have supported TIM to ... ( read original story ...)

TIM fast-tracks 5G plans in San Marino

Telecom Italia (TIM) has announced another milestone in its quest to make San Marino the first 5G ready state in Europe. Following up on the signing of an MoU with the government of San Marino, TIM has launched the first millimetere wave (mmWave ... ( read original story ...)

The evolution of mobile networks in Africa

we continued to work on future proofing and preparing the network by conducting the first 5G trial in Africa with Ericsson at the beginning of 2018 - where we registered speeds of over 20 Gigabytes per second. In May, MTN successfully demonstrated a fixed ... ( read original story ...)

MTN 5G test gets 520Mbps

use case with Huawei’s 5G 28GHz mmWave Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in a real-world environment in Hatfield Pretoria, South Africa. Speeds of 520Mbps downlink and 77Mbps uplink were attained throughout respectively. “These 5G trials provide us ... ( read original story ...)