European Telcos Slam '5G' Efforts in Asia, US

because European telcos don't have the cash to buy 3.5 Ghz frequency and spend hundreds of billions to deploy Ericsson and Nokia's 3GPP low-band 5G that delivers only 30% spectral efficiency gain over LTE at best. Japan is unique in that it has dropped out ... ( read original story ...)

Telefonica Launches 4G LTE In Antarctica

[Via Satellite 01-18-2017] Telefonica Moviles Argentina (Movistar) has launched Antarctica’s first 4G LTE mobile network. At Marambio Base, a permanent Argentine research facility in Antarctic territory, the most remote region on the planet, the only ... ( read original story ...)

SKT tests China’s Huawei LTE equipment amid controversy

According to news reports, India, Australia, Taiwan and Canada do not allow use of Huawei equipment, either. “Installment of the main equipment made by Huawei for SKT’s LTE network could pose threats to the country’s information security,” another ... ( read original story ...)