VoLTE Feature Phone: The Final Piece in the Jio Puzzle

It is not “just another phone” but could well be the last piece that solves the puzzle that Jio is to many. Viranch Damani takes a close look at the rumored Jio VoLTE phone which he suspects is very close to reality. Like most others, I had always seen ... ( read original story ...)

Cellcard taps Nokia for 3G, LTE network upgrade

Cambodian operator Cellcard has selected Nokia to expand and modernize its 3G and LTE network. Cellcard initially launched LTE services in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, in 2015 and has gradually expanded it to other areas. The current expansion will ... ( read original story ...)

DSL and LTE bonding: the best of both worlds

In this piece James Harris, Product Director, Service Provider & Key Accounts Europe at ZyXEL looks at the benefits of combining DSL with LTE for rural coverage. While the majority of city dwellers have reaped the benefits of increasingly fast broadband ... ( read original story ...)