A Glimpse Into The Future Of 4G LTE: Gigabit LTE

In Sydney, Australia last week, Qualcomm, Telstra, Netgear and Ericsson together demonstrated Telstra’s new Gigabit LTE network, which required all four companies’ respective expertise in 4G LTE to be possible. Australia’s Telstra is one of the ... ( read original story ...)

Asia – Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs

The telecom market across Asia has an estimated total of 4 billion mobile subscribers by end 2016. This sector of the overall market continues to experience moderate growth; however, in the more developed markets, growth is shifting away from a focus on ... ( read original story ...)

IPv6 on Mobile 3G/LTE/etc. ?

Hi there, As OVH got hit by a RIPE IPv4 shortage since Dec 2016, I'll need to start preparing my clients for IPv6 to these/their services, and the question inadvertently come up: Which Mobile providers are provisioning IPv6 for their 3g/LTE/etc. devices? ( read original story ...)

2Q16 Eastern Europe Mobile Operator Forecast, 2002 – 2018

LONDON, Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- IEMR's Eastern Europe Mobile Operator Forecast is the most comprehensive forecast of its kind in the world. This report provides operational and financial metrics for wireless markets across the region and is one of the ... ( read original story ...)