The Yes 4G VoLTE Advantage

The future of voice calls is voice over LTE (VoLTE). Utilising the ultra-fast data network, VoLTE comes with plenty of benefits over traditional voice calls. The first and most immediate advantage of VoLTE is crystal clear reception – VoLTE calls has up ... ( read original story ...)

4G LTE Vs 5G: Quick analysis on whether we are there yet

5G technology is expected to roll out by 2020, with ongoing tests and checks already in place. But amidst the wait on transition to this generation, not so many have felt the exact definition of the past G technologies. The evolution of the G has come a ... ( read original story ...)

Verizon 3G Shutdown?

3G and 1x are not very useful for data and are 1990's technology. Kudos to Verizon. Change for the sake of change is bad, legacy tech can exist along LTE, just has to be scaled back Has anyone tried switching to the voice coverge map? 1xRTT is probably ... ( read original story ...)