LTE Market Expected to Reach $997 Billion, Globally, by 2020

Asia Pacific is forecast to surpass other geographical markets by 2020 with approximately 40% of the global LTE market. Current revenue (2013) from LTE market in Asia Pacific accounts to $2.8 billion and is expected to reach a value of $390 billion by 2020. ( read original story ...)

LTE driving mobile broadband explosion: Ericsson

And, at the close of 2016, Australia had around 60% LTE subscription over total mobile subscriptions and around 40% for 3G – with Ericsson predicting in 2022 there would be around 90% LTE subscriptions over total mobile subscriptions and around 10% for ... ( read original story ...)

Deutsche Telekom VP: 5G at risk of being ‘4G++’

“What [3GPP is] doing is 4G++,” Seiser said. “This is just the core network ... However, at the same event, Adrian Scrase, CTO of standards body ETSI, told Mobile Europe that the current prioritisation of eMBB in the standard is “natural”. ( read original story ...)

Apple: Is Wall Street Getting The Valuation Wrong?

The full list of of countries involves every continent except Australia and Antarctica, including ... and running on slower networks than other phones that support Gigabit LTE, like the Galaxy S8. It might not matter much in 2017 as carriers are still ... ( read original story ...)

Spike in Africa’s 4G subscriptions

However, Sa Eva Nébié, research analyst at Dataxis, says Africa still trails other continents in regards to 4G deployments. Nonetheless, she points out the number of 3G-enabled SIMs will continue to rise simultaneously, particularly in countries with low ... ( read original story ...)